Schools Are Doing Something Disturbing To Your Kids And You Didn't Know

You didn't know how bad it was.

There is an unlikely group of people spying on children online: school districts. To prevent bullying and violence, school districts are investing in new technology to monitor their students' social media in the classroom and at home. Some parents are concerned that schools are overstepping their boundaries by doing this.

Here are seven reasons why schools should not spy on their students like this:


1. It is an invasion of privacy.

With this new technology to monitor students, public schools are slowly turning into the NSA. It is absurd that public tax dollars are funding programs in which schools are allowed to spy on their students and know every communication that they are having online.

2. It is extremely inefficient.

Schools are sacrificing privacy and devoting unbelievable resources inefficiently. Some students can control social media privacy settings better than others, which makes some of the monitoring completely useless.

3. Schools are hypocrites.

Pearson, the world's largest education company, spied on students' social media a few months ago and a New Jersey superintendent called it "a bit disturbing." Yet these same school districts have no problem spying on their students' social media.

4. It is unfair to parents.

Instead of educating students, schools are also taking responsibilities away from parents and guardians by monitoring students at home. In the end, they should just let the parents be parents.

5. The costs really add up.

As it was reported that one school district is spending $14,000 annually on its social media-monitoring program, it is costly for every district that does it. In a time when states and school districts are cutting education spending, including academic programs and firing teachers, this type of spending makes no sense.

6. Schools cannot tell the intent of posts.

Kids, like everyone, can exaggerate their communications on social media. Schools have mistaken these exaggerated messages, assuming figurative statements were literal, because they can't really tell the difference between someone that's just venting and someone that means to threaten somebody. 

7. Schools are also spying on teachers.

Some school districts are expanding their spying capabilities and invading the privacy of teachers by monitoring their social media. Teachers are selfless, and to monitor them like children is crazy.

(H/T: Today)

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