These Two Schoolboys From Different Countries Prove Friendship Has No Bounds — And Knows No Borders

"I thought, 'He needs a friend,' so I thought, as a person, I'd go to him and ask him, 'How are you?'"

It's never easy for a student to start at a new school — especially when that school is in a new country. Besides overcoming the everyday obstacles of getting adjusted to a different routine and trying to make new friends, the entire culture may seem unfamiliar and even a bit intimidating. 


But no matter how daunting that may seem, all it takes is one friendly face to make a person feel welcome.

That's what Jack, a 12-year-old student at Harrop Ford School in Manchester, England, did for Rani, another 12-year-old student who had just arrived from Syria. After seeing Rani sitting all alone, Jack told This Morning, an English talk show, "I thought, 'He needs a friend,' so I thought, as a person, I'd go to him and ask him, 'How are you? Where are you from?' " 

When Rani told Jack he was from Syria, Jack "took a step back" because he'd heard "bad things" about the country on television. But that didn't stop him from inviting Rani to join him and the rest of his friend group, nor did it stop the boys from becoming best friends. "When I was alone, I was really sad because I don't really have any friends," Rani added in the interview. "When Jack came up to me, I felt something in my heart." 

And he wasn't the only one.

After This Morning posted a clip of the boys' interview to Twitter, it's warmed the hearts of people all over the world, too. In less than 24 hours, the tweet received 15,000 likes and 5,000 retweets, proving that friendship has a power that knows no bounds — or borders.  

Though the boys story was originally featured on Educating Greater Manchester, a documentary television program, they don't see their friendship as anything more than that. 

And like any 12-year-old boys, they spend most of their time together talking about sports, particularly football. Jack has also helped Rani with his English and, as he joked with the talk show hosts, taught him the Manchester accent. 

Watch the full interview below:


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