Being Shy Around Other People Can Be Overwhelming. Here's Why You Might Feel That Way.

The solution is more simple than you might think.

People's common misunderstanding of shy people is that they're always uncomfortable in certain situations. But a new video by The School of Life breaks these concepts down to help viewers understand what it really is and how to overcome it.

The five-minute video, titled "How to Overcome Shyness," dives into shyness with some background exploration of what the word actually indicates. Through a series of animated stick figures, large words, and more, The School of Life illustrates that most people who possess this character trait might not be shy in every situation. A majority of the time, shy people exhibit these traits because they're around people who are different from them, something that has been prevalent throughout history as well.

On the other hand, shy people also feel as though they're bothering other people and avoid talking to them.

The solution is simple in theory but might be harder to put into action overnight. A shy person has to understand that people who are different from them might have more in common than they believe, and that their worries about bothering another person is simply anxiety and not necessarily the truth.


Watch the video below to learn more about why people are shy:


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