Listening To Loved Ones Is A Skill Not Everyone Has Mastered. Here’s How To Do It Better.

Do you measure up as a good listener?

Sometimes people need to vent, or just need a person whose opinions they value to hear them out. And while that seems like an easy task to do, it turns out that being good at listening is an acquired skill.

The School of Life teaches us "How To Be A Good Listener" in its latest video packed with gentle advice on how best to shut our mouths and open our ears.

We're all guilty of it at some point or another when we think the stories we've got to share are the most interesting. In fact, whether we admit it or not, hearing our own voices is a pleasing thing and likely trumps listening to someone else ramble on about their lives.

In an interesting twist, the animated, nearly eight-minute School of Life video explains why we are engulfed with great pieces of literature. It's simply because a good writer can tell a story we all relate to and so it becomes our story. But this is quite different than sitting and listening to someone else's tales of life and living, especially when it's not relatable to our own.

"The good listener knows that one of the best ways to understand one's own life is to hear it discussed through the life of someone else," the video states. "And, furthermore they have the editing skills to make sure they can find themselves in the words of others."

So, the next time you begin tuning out your loved one who needs you to lend them an ear, think about how you fit into the scenario of their story. Maybe then you'll shut off the outside distractions and internal ramblings of your own mind and become the good listener we all strive to be. After all, when it's time for us to talk, we'd appreciate the same respect and compassion.


Check out the video below and get ready to learn a few lessons:

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