Impressionist Sings Ed Sheeran's 'Shape Of You' As Everyone From Jon Snow To Obama

Now we've heard everything.

We were already fans of voice actor and YouTube impressionist Scheiffer Bates from his hilarious Game of Thrones impressions, so we couldn't be more excited about his latest video. The Welsh talent shared his cover of Ed Sheeran's recent hit "Shape of You," sung in the voices of various fictional characters and celebrities.

Bates starts off with a few classic Family Guy impressions, and we don't think we've ever heard Peter Griffin sound so romantic. After that, he moves into his spot-on impression of Jon Snow, and the voices just keep coming. He sings as Christopher Walken, Matthew McConaughey, Seth Rogen (complete with his signature laugh), and Michael Caine. He also embodies Lion King characters Timon and Pumbaa. He even sneaks in Donald Trump and Barack Obama. And would any impressions video be complete without at least one line from Gandalf

Bates' video has received more than 11 million views on Facebook. We're adding it to our list of favorite "Shape of You" renditions, including Jimmy Fallon's version with classroom instruments and Walk Off the Earth's mash-up with '90s hits. And, of course, we'll continue to have Sheeran's original on repeat.


Hear all of Scheiffer Bates' impressions in the video below:


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