9 Hilariously Creepy Easter Bunnies

Basket of WTF, anyone?

Without going into the history of Easter's derivation from pagan spring rituals, the Easter bunny's popularity as a symbol for the holiday is undeniably secular. 

As with all holiday mascots, however, the Easter bunny doesn't always seem so cute and fuzzy... Indeed, the floppy-eared herbivore can very easily turn into a symbol of creeping darkness, even as the light of day finally begins to stretch from the waning shadows of winter. 

Okay, that was a bit dramatic. Anyway, here are nine fun examples of just how sinister the Easter bunny can seem.


1. This rabid rabbit.

2. This sinister thumper.

3. This mustached malevolent.

4. This bugged-out bunny.

5. This hopper from hell.

6. This terry-clothed terror.

7. This masked monstrosity.

8. This rabbit rival of Superman.

9. This pink nightmare.

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