Interior Design by Zodiac Sign

Find out more about the interior design choices of all signs of the zodiac!



Aries-born have highly developed sense of beautiful things, so their homes always looks good. They are always up to date with the latest fashion trends and they give a huge importance to design and quality. Their homes are usually very nicely arranged and always ready for a visit. They are always in the move, so their apartment must be close to a stadium or a playground.


Taureans are true hedonists, so they most often they opt for natural wood and warm colors, perfect for enjoying. They require a space that is fully adapted to their needs. The interior is of great importance for the Taureans. Their home is always a pleasant, warm and hospitable place. People born under the horoscope sign Taurus are not particularly modern, but they like comfort and would love to be able to afford a luxurious piece of furniture.


Geminis can't stay in one place for a long time. They feel most comfortable in an interior with lots of creative decorations and details. Their homes usually look very cheerful with a bunch of bright colors, interesting decor, colorful wallpapers... Geminis try to avoid all that is dark and monotonous.


Cancerians want a home full of antiques and family photos in frames. The most important thing for the Crabs is the harmony in the home. They want to feel relaxed and protected in their own home. Cancerians don't like too much details, patterns or anything that may spoil their inner peace. They love furniture that guarantees comfort and quality, and most often do not care about the design.


Leos will feel best in lavish, royal apartments with lots of decorations, crystals and art. Their homes can be very classy, modern, classic or totally kitsch! Leo loves the comfort and wants to feel like a king/queen in his/her own home. People born under the sign of Leo are willing to spend a lot of money on the interior, even if they are not in a good financial situation. Usually they have really good sense of style, so they know how to achieve a good effect with little money.


Virgos believe that practicality and functionality are more important than aesthetics. Their home needs to be simple, clean, organized and well-lighted place. They like elegant furniture, not too showy and the most important thing is to be easy-to-maintain.


Libras have a highly developed sense of aesthetics and they want only pleasing and quality materials in their home. The interior of their home must be stylish and comfortable. Libras have a keen eye for the selection of furniture. They are always willing to invest in home decoration and they are really good hosts. Their homes are very pleasant, harmonious and neat.


Scorpios love simple geometric forms with fairytale decorative elements. These are mysterious individuals who like dark rooms. Comfortable armchair, huge TV and of course a quality footstool, are essential for the functioning of a Scorpio.


The main requirements of the Sagittarians are well used space and a prestigious district. Color adjustment is not so important for them, but they really love antiques. Their homes are always full of optimism and positive energy. They like to enjoy in a pleasant atmosphere.


Ambitious Capricorns want a harmonized home. They prefer classic style with modern design, but they do not like to invest much in home decoration. Capricorns are traditionalists, who don't like experimenting and stick to prescribed standards and quality.


Interestingly, there are two types of Aquarius people, those who do not leave their homes and those that do not enter their homes. In any case, this zodiac sign has a very good taste. Aquarians want a contemporary apartment with modern design solutions. They like minimalistic style, which expresses their innovation and individuality. The comfort is another important thing for the Aquarius.


Pisceans are dreamers and the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They can adapt to a variety of environments. Pisceans love soft furnishings, carpets and pillows in warm colors, book shelves and fireplaces, which give their home that warm and cozy feeling. 


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