Will Sawyer Win 'The Voice'? The Kid Seems Unstoppable.

"Please" don't let us down!

Blake Shelton said it best during Monday's live finale of "The Voice": anyone could win. There are only four artists left in the competition, and each gave strong performances in the finale and in the weeks leading up to it. We've changed our minds a dozen times about who we think will end up crowned this season's champion. But, no matter your favorite 'Voice' singer, there's no denying that Sawyer Fredericks has been a frontrunner practically since he first stepped onto the stage during the blind auditions. So, heading into tonight's big reveal, the question on many fans' minds is: will Sawyer win "The Voice"?

If he does, he'll make 'Voice'  history. To begin with, a first place finish means he'll tie with season four's Danielle Bradbery for the title of Youngest Ever Winner (he just turned 16, which, even though Carson mentions it each week, still seems totally crazy, considering the maturity of his voice). 

Even more exciting, a win for Sawyer also equals a win for Team Pharrell. So far, the super-producer has yet to coach a "Voice" contestant who's nabbed the title, so this season carries even more significance for him than for Adam, Blake, or Christina. 

Lastly, if Sawyer wins, it will also be the first time America has selected a folk singer as Voice champion.

Clearly, a lot is riding on this final vote. If you haven't heard it yet, check out Sawyer's killer original song, "Please," which he debuted during the Live Finale:


But what makes us so sure that Sawyer will win "The Voice" season 8? It's not just wishful thinking. There's a case to be made that each person left in the competition has the most vocal ability (and their legions of fans would be more than happy to explain why, in detail). But while taste is subject, numbers are not. And, from a data perspective, Sawyer has had the best run of any contestant on the show.

Let's break it down:

1. Most importantly, he's the only singer to make it into the iTunes Top 10 every week since the public started voting. He's also the only one to have two performances make it into the iTunes Top 10 two weeks in a row. Obviously, people love the guy.

2. Even before he became a contestant to watch out for, he was already building his resume of accomplishments: All season, he's never lost a battle, never had to be saved by a coach, and was always voted onto the next round by the public. That's impressive.

3. He had a four chair turn! (Meghan Linsey only got three coaches to turn, and Koryn Hawthorne and Joshua Davis both only had two coaches to choose from.)

4. He's got some killer hair. Seriously, is that where his powers come from? (OK, so this last one isn't so scientific after all.)

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