Photographer Uses Crazy Photo-Manipulation Skills To Create Dreamlike Scenarios

Dreams are closer than you think.

A 21-year-old photographer from Monroe, Louisiana is bringing them even closer to reality with her incredible surreal images. 

Savannah Kate Bridges has been photographing since she was 12. At 16, she started her own photography studio called Savannah Kate Photography. Since then, she's been doing various photo shoots for weddings, seniors, children, and families. Her recent hook is fairytale sessions.

Let's go down that rabbit hole!


Currently, Savannah studies Marketing at Louisiana Tech University. However, in her first year of college she had a dream of majoring in Photography.

"I started photographing at 12 so, honestly, much of the process was simply trial and error. My very first year of college I decided to major in Photography and took two photography classes in total but shortly thereafter switched my major to marketing. I'd like to think I am primarily self-taught and learning new things daily," Savannah told A+.

Savannah says she is highly influenced by fairy tales, such as "Alice in Wonderland," "The Wizard of Oz," and "The Lady of Shallot." She finds inspiration in anything that is ethereal, whimsical, and promotes dreaming as a form of distorted reality.

In her photography, Savannah uses heavy photo-manipulation techniques to alter the images and create even the most unrealistic scenarios for her fairy tale sessions. 

She started improving her skills while working on personal images, but soon after her technique started to pick up with clients. Savannah says photo manipulation allows her to express the way she sees the world. 

"Sometimes, I use it as an escape from reality. I believe that in going through the process of imagining a concept and bringing it to life, I collect pieces of myself," Bridges told A+.

Savannah did this Harry Potter-inspired photograph for a senior who requested a picture with her Harry Potter books and wand. The picture of the before and after shot spread viral on Reddit and Savannah says it might be one of her favorites, too.

According to Savannah, she normally gets specific requests from clients on what theme they want their photo shoot to be. However, she says she always asks them to send a picture and fill out a questionnaire in order to make sure they really "fit" the character.

"I always suggest the ones I think will best suit their look, as well as their personalities. However, I absolutely LOVE when a client gives me complete creative freedom! For example, during this Marie Antoinette session, I (along with some help from my boyfriend and grandmother) built the whole set outdoors," Savannah told A+.

Savannah says she uses photography as a door, or a rabbit hole that gives her a "passageway to a completely unmapped world" and enpowers to design her dreams and future. Savannah's whole photographic style is based on this philosophy.

According to her, "there are no limits to what can be created".

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