Sarcastic Moms Accurately Caption Family Stock Photos

"I am getting so much work done. Toddlers are easy." NOT.

Stock image world -- who doesn't want to live there, right? Where people are always smiling, hugging each other, wearing clean pastel clothes and have no trouble whatsoever.

Too bad it's a hoax and these moms know it. Creative punsters behind the Tumblr It's Like They Know Us decided to give us all a reality check by accurately captioning the glamorized parenting stock images.

Because real motherhood doesn't know white sofas and clean blouses.


"Working from home is a breeze because infants do not need constant care!"

Pregnant ladies are known for their love of salads.

"I just wandered in from the modeling agency next door and decided to feed your child fresh fruit. We are all wearing clean clothes."

"I am getting so much work done. Toddlers are easy."

"I got into breastfeeding for the constant glamour."

"Vacationing with children is fun and relaxing. Let’s never travel without them."

"I will just leave my baby in these dark bushes while I attend the gala."

"All of this free time with a baby is taking my online gaming to the next level."

"We like to quietly entertain ourselves until our parents wake up naturally and have their first cup of coffee. We are not hitting each other."

"Take all the time you need to get ready, Mommy. I will just sit here patiently, not falling off the counter, until you're all done."

"Thank you for buying these thoughtful, coordinated storage baskets. Now we will never leave our toys on the floor again."

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