A Homeless Man Walks Up To A Piano, Stuns Passersby With A Flawless Performance

Talk about breaking stereotypes.

You've probably heard people talking about "the power of music." The power to soothe, heal and inspire. But there is one more important supernatural force that music carries — it's the ability to bring people together.

Inspired by this idea, people behind the interactive community art project Sarasota Keys decided to install a bunch of pianos across the city's downtown area. In total, six beautifully decorated spinet pianos found their new home on the streets and public spaces of Sarasota.

But even the founders of this project didn't expect the incredible affect their project would have on the local community.


According to Sarasota Keys, their public pianos were an instant success and attracted a bunch of musicians, both professional and amateur.

Some people were stopping by the pianos to flex their fingers.

Others were dedicated to showing off their musical talents and filling the streets with ear-flattering melodies.

But it wasn't until this next guy showed up that Sarasota's pianos grabbed the nation's attention.

This Monday, Facebook user Aroar Natasha posted a video of a homeless man playing one of Sarasota's public pianos. The mystical piano man, identified by ABC 7 as Donald Gould, was performing an acoustic version of Styx's "Come Sail Away." Overnight, the video amassed more than 100,000 Facebook likes and has been currently viewed by almost two million people.

And not for nothing.

51-year-old Gould, who studied music education back in the day, really knows how to strike a chord with listeners and has been celebrated for shining a more positive light on the homeless.

"It is my passion. I just like to make people happy out there when I'm playing," Gould modestly told Channel 8 News.

According to sources, Gould has been already offered a chance to audition for a potential act at one of Sarasota's piano bars. The takeaway? 

Music does change people's lives for the better.

Listen to Gould's full performance below.


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