Sarah Paulson's Interview With Jimmy Fallon Is An Emotional Roller Coaster

They go from reminiscing to getting a divorce.

Emmy-winning actress Sarah Paulson put her talent to good use during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show when host Jimmy Fallon challenged her to an "Emotional Interview." In case you've never seen it, the game involves Fallon and his guest adjusting their conversation according to various cues.

In this case, the pair started things off by reminiscing about rolling down hills in the summertime and repeating songs sung by their grandfathers. When the emotion then switched to "humblebragging," Fallon came up with the perfect transition by declaring with a shrug, "My grandfather was Stevie Wonder." Paulson could barely keep it together.


The conversation then took an interesting turn when the pair was challenged to imitate a "couple trying not to fight in public." Just as Paulson was informing Fallon that she wanted a divorce, the emotion changed to "mutual pity." The two of them then went back and forth insisting things like, "I feel like you need a divorce."

Unfortunately, Paulson didn't play any of the emotions in the voices of Holly Hunter or Drew Barrymore, as she did when she played Wheel of Impressions on the show. However, she did reveal to Fallon that Barrymore approved of the imitation.

Witness all the emotions in the video below:


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