Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Baking Up The Next Generation Of Female Entrepreneurs

The actress appeared at a conference this week hosted by UN Women.

Actress and entrepreneur Sarah Michelle Gellar discussed her transition from the red carpet to the conference room, and what she hopes her journey to becoming an entrepreneur will teach her children, at a forum on using technology and innovation to advance women's equality and economic empowerment hosted by UN Women this week in New York. 


"I wanted to show my children, specifically my daughter, that you can do anything you put your mind to," Gellar said. "You can create something in a space that maybe you never thought and no one ever thought that you could accomplish. That is the greatest lesson I can impart to my children. Being on the red carpet is cool, but now I'm really showing them how you make change."

Gellar, best known for playing the iconic title role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, said everything changed for her when she became a mom. With a desire to create meaningful moments for families to be together offline and make sure her family was consuming the best ingredients possible from both a nutritional and environmental perspective, Gellar launched baking kit company Foodstirs with Galit Laibow in October 2015. When demand for the company's fair-trade, sustainable cupcake, cookie and pancake mixes began to grow, they brought on Greg Fleishman. 

Silicon Valley and the venture capital world can be a tough place for female entrepreneurs, and Gellar said before bringing Fleishman on board, she and Laibow were not immune to investors assuming they would not be able to both parent and run a company. 

"Going out and looking from the beginning, I was a novelty act," Gellar said. "People think it was easier to get in the door, sure, but they just wanted to see how Buffy bakes."

Since then, Foodstirs has grown into a multimillion-dollar company that is set to be the largest provider of ethically sourced, sustainable baking products in the country. Kits continue to be available online but are also sold in Target, Whole Foods, and other grocery stores around the country. 

But for Gellar, the biggest success of the company is the example that it allows her to set for her family and specifically, her daughter. 

"One day, our three daughters came to us and said, so when you die, which one of us runs the company or do we all three run the company?" she said. "I love the fact that they were already thinking about that they wanted to run a company one day and that they could do it. That's what the rewarding part is. Change doesn't start on the huge level. Change starts on the small levels."


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