This Bridal Party's Rescue Puppies Are The Cutest Alternative To Bouquets

Five of the pups are still up for adoption!

Having the bridal party carry bouquets for the wedding photo shoot is a classic move, but not all brides like to follow tradition. One bride named Sarah Mallouk Crain shook things up on her big day by having her bridal party do something equal parts different and adorable. 


She had them carry rescue puppies instead of flowers.

Photographer Caroline Logan captured the switch-up at Sarah and her groom Matt's wedding, and the result is some of the sweetest wedding photos we've come across.

In an email to A Plus, Logan explained that the rescue pups are from Pitties Love Peace, a non-profit organization committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs in central Pennsylvania. The bride has served on the Board of Directors as the secretary and primary dog trainer since the organization was founded in 2011, so what better way to commemorate that than by getting some puppies involved in the photos?

The bride, groom, and wedding party posed with a litter of 8-week-old Boxer-Coonhound puppies, and Sarah also held a 9-week-old Pitbull rescue pup.

Logan wrote that she has shot the occasional dog in engagement photos, but this was the first time doing wedding photos that included animals, "Aside from past clients bringing their dog along to their engagement session here and there, this is my first time doing wedding day photos that include animals. It was such a fun experience to have them involved in Matt and Sarah's day!"

If you're wondering about any doggie incidents, don't worry, there weren't any. Logan explained that all of the puppies actually made the bridal party feel more comfortable. "Having something to divert attention from that uncomfortable 'Oh my goodness, I'm getting my picture take n... what do I do with my hands?!' feeling to pure puppy bliss made for relaxed photos where the bridal party was able to focus on interacting with the fun-loving puppies as I documented it all unfold."

She added, "And of course, the bridal party loved it! From the minute the puppies came bounding around the corner exploring their new surroundings, the bridesmaids were gushing about how cute they were. It was a dream for everyone!"

The best part about everything is that the puppies from the pics are up for adoption. If you're interested, you can look at the Pitties Love Peace website for the adoption app or their Facebook page. There are currently 40 to 50 dogs in total waiting to find homes.

When asked about what Logan hopes people take away from the photos, besides seeing how sweet they are, she hopes they bring further awareness to animal adoption

"My hope is that these photos would bring smiles to people's faces and also that it would raise awareness for animal rescue! Five of the six puppies are still available for adoption and it would be a dream to see them all go to loving forever homes."

Wedding photos are usually focused on the couple, but the puppies have stolen the show in the Crain's snaps for the best reason. Rescue dogs are the most rewarding dogs to adopt and these wedding party photos highlight just how sweet and loving they can be. 

To find out more about rescue puppies, please visit


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