Sarah Hyland Responds To Weight Loss Concerns With A Powerful Message About Body Shaming

"I'm a 26-year-old woman who goes through more than you could even imagine on a daily basis."

When Sarah Hyland posted a photo of herself on Instagram promoting her boyfriend's clothing line and the Anti-Bullying Alliance, she didn't expect to be inundated with negative comments about her weight. The 26-year-old Modern Family actress's photo sparked concern on social media that she was promoting eating disorders because of how thin she looks. People called her "anorexic," "a skeleton," and told her to eat. 


Hyland took to Twitter yesterday to set the respond to the criticism about her weight. 

"I haven't had the greatest year. Maybe one day I'll talk about it, but, for now, I'd like my privacy. I will say that this year has brought a lot of changes and with that, physical changes," she wrote. "I have been told that I can't work out. Which, for me, is very upsetting. I love to be STRONG. (I'll be using that word a lot) Strength is everything. Being strong has gotten me where I am. Both mentally and physically. I am not a fan of 'being skinny.' "

She addressed some of the comments she received such as "eat a burger" and "your head is bigger than your body." Hyland explained that while she does, in fact, eat burgers, she's been on bed rest for the past few months. As a result, her body has changed and she's lost some of her muscle mass. 

"My circumstances have put me in a place where I'm not in control of what my body looks like," she wrote. ""No, that's not Photoshop, those are my legs, those are my arms. I write this because I've been accused of promoting anorexia, in, ironically enough, an anti-bullying post. And I want young girls to know that's NOT my intention." 

Hyland, who battled kidney dysplasia and underwent a kidney transplant from her father back in 2012, explained she's struggling with health issues. She has decided to refrain from publicly disclosing what they are, but she did reveal that she's on Prednisone, a steroid medication used as an anti-inflammatory, or an immunosuppressant. 

"I am here to say that no one should aim to be the weight that I am right now. I am working hard to maintain my weight by eating as much protein as possible and to continue to be STRONG and healthy," she wrote. "There's no need to worry! I've been down before, and I'll probably be down again in my lifetime, but I'm steadfast and solid and will conquer my obstacles."

She explained that while she's not happy about her appearance currently, she knows this struggle is just an obstacle she has to overcome during her journey toward getting better. 

"I know that when I get clearance I will be able to get back to the STRONG, lean and fabulous self I know I can be," Hyland wrote. "I don't mind when you say that I look pregnant. Or fat. Because I know that my face is swollen from medication that is saving my life." 

Hyland ended her post with a message that promotes self-love and body positivity. 

"Love the you you set out to be. Be the best version of yourself. Be healthy," she wrote. "Don't let other's comments alter any part of you! Love and positivity is what we need most. Especially at a time like this. The world may be falling apart but it's up to us to pull it back together. Smile. Laugh. Love. Be happy. Support your peers. Love. Work hard. Be confident. Love. Adopt puppies! Tell your mum you appreciate her. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE." 

While Hyland's message helped to clear up concerns about her personally, it also shows how quick people are to judge others' bodies without knowing their story. People may post photos of themselves on social media that open up the opportunity for negative comments, but, before posting one, take a moment to remember you may not know what they're going through. 

Many people sent Hyland messages of support and some shared their own health battles as well as the body image issues that came along with it. 

Hopefully, Hyland's response will put eating disorder rumors to rest and remind people how important it is to put their health first. While she's able to rise above by the negative comments, it's not easy. Perhaps people who read her story will think twice about body shaming others. 


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