Santa Uses Sign Language For Little Girl To Get Her Christmas Wish

Best Santa ever.

A mother in the U.K. took her young daughter to Middlebrough's Cleveland Centre, a local mall, to visit Santa Claus before Christmas. The young girl waited in line and finally met Santa. She sat on his lap and waved back to her mother.


Santa asked the young girl what she wanted for Christmas.

"Sorry, she can't talk very well," the mother told Santa in the video.

It turns out that the child could not hear well. Santa was still determined to communicate to this young girl.

Santa asked the mother, "can she sign at all?"

The mother responded in the video, "yeah, she does animals and things like that."

That's when this Santa Claus communicated via sign language to this little girl and her face lit up with joy.

Santa asked if she wanted a doll for Christmas, which she didn’t.

Finally, Santa discovered that she wanted a scooter for Christmas.

The mother was so happy that Santa Claus was able to communicate to her daughter and that he made her Christmas a little brighter.

"It was a beautiful moment, the elves and on-lookers all welled up," Mark Pinder, the videographer, said to the New York Daily News. "It touched us all and made a little girl's Christmas."

Pinder added that this Santa Claus also speakers other languages, like Chinese and Russian, to communicate to other children who don't know English.

Watch the full video:


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