'We Are Fighting For You': Parkland Teens Pledge To Stand With Santa Fe High School Survivors

"Parkland will stand with you now and forever."

Teen survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting are expressing solidarity with Sante Fe High School in Texas, where 10 people were reported killed on Friday.

The Sante Fe incident is the third school shooting in eight days, and the 22nd of 2018, according to CNN. Immediately, Marjory Stoneman Douglas students went on Twitter to show their support, as they have before in the aftermath of previous shootings.


"My heart is so heavy for the students of Santa Fe High School," teen activist Jaclyn Corin said. "It's an all too familiar feeling no one should have to experience. I am so sorry this epidemic touched your town - Parkland will stand with you now and forever."

Fellow student David Hogg's message was even simpler: "We are fighting for you."

Other students expressed consternation about the future.

"Teachers and students across the country are going to be scared to go to school," Hunter Pollack, whose sister Meadow died in the shooting, said. "Our youth is the future of our country who needs an education to thrive. We need to secure our schools and give our educators and students the freedom they deserve to safely educate and learn."

This is a developing story.

This story has been updated to reflect that 10 individuals are now reported dead at Santa Fe High School.

Cover image via  HCSO/Handout via REUTERS.


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