Artist Creates Paintings From Nothing But Our Favorite Wines

Cheers to that.

Typically, we cheers over a glass of wine — spinning it around the bottom of a glass, catching its aroma before getting a taste.

"But what if more people knew it can be used as a material to create something extraordinary and turn it to a lasting treasure?" asks Sanja Jankovic, a talented Serbian artist who creates stunning works of art out of red wine. 

"Wine is always followed by great atmosphere and poetic mood, so it is no wonder how it found it's own place in the art world," Jankovic tells A Plus in an email. 


Courtesy of Sanja Jankovic

Jankovic explains that she grew up in the Srem District of Serbia, a place where the land is fertile and where the wine industry thrives. 

So, while wine tasting, Jankovic found unexpected inspiration in the wine as a new form of artistic expression. 

"I may also owe that to the fact that I'm very opened to different experiences and adventures," because she wants to turn everything she can into an artistic opportunity. 

Courtesy of Sanja Jankovic

So, attracted to wine's visual capabilities, Jankovic discovered "these wine paintings were made more than 500 years ago, as sketches but not self-sufficient artworks."

"Wine painting is in many ways similar to watercolor, except [that the] range of tones [are] limited to values of red and purple. It has been stated that such tones can't be produced through any other art technique, but it also [calls for] more preparations and contemplation over [one's] artwork," she says.

Courtesy of Sanja Jankovic

Jankovic also draws attention to the fact that wine is a "living substance" in that it changes and develops over time. Just as it would age in the bottle, wine, too, ages on a canvas — changing and transitioning its color into a more vintage feel. 

"I like to think of my paintings as of the living beings who finish my artwork and continue their existence independently. They have a lovely scent that is present for a while after they are finished," Jankovic says. 

Jankovic uses a range of wines in her paintings, including red merlot, and white sauvignon blanc and rieslings. Her wines come from all over the world, including Serbia, France, and Australia, and she aims to try out new ones as she goes along to further her palette.

Courtesy of Sanja Jankovic

"Creativity is what makes you feel fulfilled, with power to change or contribute to things ..." the artist says.

"It is important that people are in constant creative motion, inspiring each others, taking everything further of refreshing old subjects in a new way. That's how we can learn more about the world and understand it with lots of fun and enjoyment."

One way she recommends doing that? Experience art, she says.

For more of Jankovic's work, check out Winerelle Facebook, as well as her Instagram, and website. Continue below for more, too.

Courtesy of Sanja Jankovic
Courtesy of Sanja Jankovic
Courtesy of Sanja Jankovic
Courtesy of Sanja Jankovic


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