Someone Stole A Sandwich From A Co-Worker. Then Things Got Ridiculous.

Idle hands, you know...

It started with a missing sandwich and a note left at the scene of the crime.


Things quickly escalated into a sandwich hostage situation.

The victim, however, was not going to be intimidated into negotiations.

(Is that Comic Sans? Never use Comic Sans.)

The sandwich thief upped the ante.

The victim attempted to discern why their sandwich was targeted.

The sandwich thief, however, was not moved.

Human Resources stepped in...

This only led the sandwich thief to make new demands.

H.R. was not moved.

The sandwich thief grew taunting, cruel.

While the lunchless victim helplessly stood by, unable to do anything.

The sandwich thief wrote something of a manifesto accompanying the last crumbs of evidence of their larcenous villainy.

But like all those who grow overconfident, the sandwich thief was unmasked.

And probably got his just desserts.

(H/T: The Chive, images via Fingerihalen on Imgur)


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