Guy Spends 6 Months Making A Sandwich From Scratch. Watch His Hilarious First Bite.

Worth it?

Sandwiches come in many shapes and sizes, and everyone claims they know what the best one in the world looks like. The reality is that just as no two people are the same, no two sandwiches are the same — as such, the whole argument is really a matter of taste. Metaphorically and literally.

One man had the audacity, curiosity, boredom, or all three, to decide that he'd make his own sandwich completely from scratch. In order to do that, he'd need to make his own bread, grow his own vegetables, make cheese straight from the source and much more. It took $1,500, six months, and 16 "easy" steps, but eventually he achieved his goal.

Here's a taste of what he went through:


Casual gardening.

Fondling a cow.

Harvesting grains.

Killing a chicken. Yep.

The best part is his reaction when he finally takes a bite of the finished sandwich.

Maybe just go to Subway next time. Watch the full video here:


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