This Epic Sand Castle Art Is Museum-Worthy

The beach as a canvas.

You probably made some sand castles at the beach when you were a kid that were kinda blah, but it seems that professional artists are going to the beach and using sand to create some of the best sculptures ever. It's amazing what can be created with just some sand and a little creativity.

Here are 27 awesome works of sand castle art that you'll always remember:


1. Trying to make a sand castle and a dragon eats you.

2. You'd wanna live here.

3. A castle on a dragon.

4. This face is melting.

5. Led Zeppelin would be proud.

6. Keep on smiling.

7. Holding a heart.

8. This looks so real.

9. Nice mustache.

10. They look like real dolphins.

11. This looks scary good.

12. This bed has a lot of sand.

13. Spider-Man relaxing.

14. Boats of sand are better than real boats.

15. What a nice fish.

16. This really should be in a museum.

17. How tall is this one?

18. The Dark Side in sand.

19. There's room for someone else in this boat.

20. This one is a winner.

21. Most awesome sand creature ever.

22. You'll be tempted to drink from this one.

23. And you'll want to eat this one.

24. Angry birds ... sand style.

25. This one must have taken forever to make.

26. Video games in sand form.

27. Simply amazing.


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