The San Francisco Giants Recreate The Opening Sequence To 'Full House'

Everywhere you look...

Wake up, San Francisco.

Major League Baseball recently released a video of the SF Giants recreating the opening sequence to one of the greatest shows that has ever graced the airwaves: Full House. The show featured the Tanner family, who lived in San Francisco.

On September 30, the Giants will hold a special night dedicated to this iconic television show when they play the Dodgers. The team's remake of the classic opening credits has us totally excited.


First there's Brandon Crawford sitting in for John Stamos:

Matt Duffy did his best Dave Coulier impersonation.

Bruce Bochy stood in for Candace Cameron.

But it got more awesome than that.

Javier Lopez's Jodie Sweetin is hilarious and on point.

They even nail the picnic at the end.

Check out the hilarious 'Full Clubhouse' here, and check out the surprise guest at the end of video:

You want people to get interested in baseball? This is how you get people interested in baseball.

Tickets are available for their special Full House-themed night on September 30. 

If it's been a while since you've seen the opening for 'Full House' because you don't watch it every day on Nick At Nite, get a refresher here:

[All images via: MLB]

[H/T: Free Beer And Hot Wings]


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