Listen To People Rap In 14 Different Languages

Hip hop is universal.

Ever since he was in school, Korean rapper San E was amazed by how unfamiliar his peers were with music from other countries.

"As an immigrant, if I let my friends listen to Korean hip-hop music, they'd be like, 'They can rap in Korean?'" he told Billboard in an interview.

Surprised by his friends' reactions, San E decided to become an advocate for cross-cultural music listening and created a project called "Hip Hop is Hip Hop."


San E invited 13 rappers from around the world to show the linguistic and stylistic diversity of hip-hop.

Artists from countries like Italy, Wales, Indonesia, Egypt, Taiwan and others united under the name "Hip Hop for the World."

Inspired by the charity single "We Are The World," they recorded a new global anthem about the universal love for hip-hop and the culture that surrounds it.

"#HIPHOPISHIPHOP is a movement initiated to unite the world under one love for Hip Hop, one hope for peace, and one dream for unity. Different languages, sex, religions, ethnicities, nationalities all disappear in the name of Hip Hop," one of the participating artists, YACKO, wrote on Facebook. 

The artists aim to donate all of the proceeds received from the track to children's education through UNICEF. Watch the full video below and help support the cause here.

(H/T: Mentalfloss)

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