Male Students Find A Cheeky Way To Protest School’s 'Sexist' Dress Code

They definitely dressed the part.

A high school's dress code proved to be extremely distracting for its student body this week – just not the way the administration intended. Male students at a high school in California joined with their female peers in protest this week after over a dozen girls were cited for violating their school's dress code that some are claiming is sexist and outdated in its enforcement, as reported by Yahoo Style.


According to HuffPost, when students returned to San Benito High School in Hollister, Calif., a group of female students were surprised to find themselves sent home for wearing off-the-shoulder tops, a current fashion trend that violated the school's dress code. While the rule has been in place for years, the students argue that it has almost never previously been enforced. 

"It's not harming anyone physically," one student told Yahoo Style. "I think it is ridiculous how we have to fight against [the administration] to wear a shirt that is not harming anyone."

In response, even more students showed up to school the next day wearing off-the-shoulder shirts, including, in a gesture of solidarity, a handful of male students. 

"Women deserve to be treated with respect ― and to be treated with respect is to be given the freedom to express one's self, and hold agency as an individual," San Benito student Andrei Vladimirov told HuffPost. "The notion that women should clothe themselves because it is 'distracting to men' undermines both the agency and volition of women ― which has long been suppressed ― and the maturity of men, and reinforces the idea that all men are only concerned with sex." 

Principal Adrian Ramirez told Yahoo that he has taken notice of the student's protest and announced that he will be assembling a group of students to start a conversation about issues with the school's dress code. 

"I felt bold and subversive, as I actually, physically oppressed something that I saw as wrong," Vladimirov said. "But this story isn't about me, it is about those who are actually affected by dress codes."


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