This Soccer-Playing Kid With Cerebral Palsy Is The Definition Of Never Giving Up

“Just try. Try your hardest.”

All Samuel — a kid from the U.K. who happens to have cerebral palsy — needed to succeed at playing football was for someone to believe in him and to give him a chance to play. Manchester United Foundation, a nonprofit established in 2007 that uses the sport to engage and inspire young people to build upon their lives, was able to provide both — and then some.

According to the organization's website, Sam attends an academy that is a partner school of the nonprofit, and was nominated for some cool prizes "as a result of his dedication and positive attitude." This led to the cheerful kid getting to meet the full Manchester United team at Aon Training Complex on what Sam calls "the best day of my life."

"Having cerebral palsy is very hard to get with, but I don't really take that as a big issue," Sam said in a video on Manchester United Foundation's Facebook page. "So I just get on with it. Playing football is a bit difficult, to be honest … but I still try."

Sam, who plays goalkeeper by utilizing his knees to move around or jump around, said having a Manchester United Foundation coach is "amazing." And while he thought he wouldn't be able to play, the fact that someone gave him the chance to play and the fact that Sam took the chance, he's gotten better in the process.

"Even though sometimes he needs help, he tries all he can to do it on his own or help other people," an unnamed schoolmate of Sam's, who identifies as a longtime friend, said in the clip.

Sam notes he tells himself to "never, never, never give up" because he sees the Manchester United team giving it their all whenever they play. "I mean, I'm in a wheelchair and I never give up," Sam reasoned. "I don't even care about having a wheelchair. Just try. Try your hardest."


Watch Sam's full video below:


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