Why Samuel L. Jackson Is Scooping Cat Litter Ahead Of The Midterm Elections

"This election is THAT important."

With the midterm elections only weeks away, Samuel L. Jackson is one of many stars who are encouraging Americans to vote and volunteer. In Jackson's case, he's helping out a couple of Democrats in swing districts — not by canvassing, but by taking care of their household chores while they're on the campaign trail. 


The new ads were created with the organization Swing Left, which aims to help Democrats take back the House of Representatives in November. Jackson appears scooping cat litter for Minnesota candidate Angie Craig, as well as waiting around for the cable guy at Texas candidate Colin Allred's house.

Of course, since this is Samuel L. Jackson we're talking about, he included a couple of NSFW messages for voters when tweeting the videos. "Volunteer this fall. What the fuck are you waiting for?" he asks in one. In another, he writes, "I got lots of shit to deal with, but I don't mind helping out @AngieCraigMN — this election is THAT important." 

According to The Hill, Swing Left has already recruited more than 500,000 volunteers across 84 swing districts, as well as raising $8 million for congressional candidates.

"It's not enough just to vote this year — we all need to volunteer to make sure other progressives vote," said Shaw Bowman, head of content for the organization. "That's how we'll win in November and transform our government. And luckily, canvassing is a lot more fun than cleaning out kitty litter."

Jackson isn't the only star who's encouraging fans to take action ahead of the midterms. Last month, Julia Louis-Dreyfus appeared in a PSA encouraging Americans to "multiply your vote" by volunteering for Democratic candidates and encouraging others to make their voices heard. She also took the opportunity to share her belief in affordable health care for all following her cancer battle.


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