James Corden Helps Samuel L. Jackson Act Out His Movie Career In 10 Minutes

Yes, that includes "Snakes on a Plane."

James Corden is always ready to celebrate the careers of his most iconic Late Late Show guests, and he does it in just about the most creative way possible. This week, Samuel L. Jackson was the latest movie star to act out his movie career with the host in only about 10 minutes — live, in front of an audience, with no cuts, and several costume changes.

Jackson recently revealed he doesn't know how many movies he's been in. The answer is more than 100, and while he and Corden didn't exactly have the time to act out all of them, they did provide a pretty good overview of some of his biggest roles, from Pulp Fiction to his newest film Kong: Skull Island, with Snakes on a Plane, Black Snake Moan, and other non-snake and non-Tarantino titles in between. (They had to lump all the Marvel movies into one, since they could form an entire segment of their own.) 

Of course, considering this is Samuel L. Jackson we're talking about, there's a bit of bleeping to be done. There's also some singing, as the pair end the skit with a performance of "Hold On, I'm Comin' " from Soul Men.


Check out the entire cinematic journey in the video below:


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