Samuel L. Jackson Has A Few Rules For When And How You Should Use Curse Words

There's one word he's particularly fond of.

One of Samuel L. Jackson's greatest talents as an actor is his ability to deliver curse words and create some of the most iconic movie lines in the process. From "English, motherfucker, do you speak it?" in Pulp Fiction to "I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane" in Snakes on a Plane, you've probably noticed there's one word he's particularly fond of.

In fact, Jackson previously revealed that saying the word "motherfucker" actually helps to stop the stutter he's dealt with since childhood. However, the actor has a few rules for cursing, which he shared with Ellen DeGeneres this week.


"It has to be either heartfelt or lighthearted, to the effect that it's not offensive to the people that you're doing it to," Jackson told the host, and was pleasantly surprised when she asked for examples. He said he uses the "all-encompassing word" as a "term of endearment" for his friends, and demonstrated how a simple difference in tone could alter his opinion of DeGeneres' jacket.

Depending on what you think of cursing, you might disapprove of Jackson's choice of language. However, research has shown that cursing may actually be good for your health. Letting out a few swears could help with stress and even physical pain. So go forth and channel Jackson — just be mindful of the context.

Check out the bleep-filled interview below:


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