Transparent Trucks Could Help Save Lives On The Road

"An idea that instead of changing people's lives, saves them."

According to reports, nearly one person dies in a traffic accident every hour in Argentina, particularly on dangerous two-lane roads.

Because as drivers attempt to overtake large trucks, they are blinded to the road ahead.


But in an attempt to save lives on the road, Samsung is working on a solution: "The Safety Truck."

With a camera in front of the truck, four rear outdoor monitors, and even a night vision mode, drivers behind "The Safety Truck" will be able to observe the live-streaming screens and see the road up ahead.

Yet, it will still be some time before the technology hits the highway. "The project is still in the early prototype phase. Samsung tested it with one truck in Argentina, though it's no longer on the road," CNN Money reported.

But Samsung has confirmed that the technology works, and that this is indeed "an idea that instead of changing people's lives, saves them."

And if brought to the United States, it could help prevent some of the 30,000 plus annual motor vehicle crashes (reported as of 2013)

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