A New Smartphone Design Will Shoot You Straight Back To 2005

New and old all-in-one.

Remember your first cellphone? Maybe it was a huge brick-like object, or smaller brick, or flip phone, slider, swivel — something along those lines. Since 2007, pretty much the only type of phone anyone wants or needs has resembled various iterations of the iPhone. A flat, singular, simple-looking object with a touchscreen.

Samsung, the world's leader in the smartphone market, fully realizes that Apple changed the game with the iPhone. That's why its most popular phones mimicked and improved upon that style, but it doesn't mean they aren't open to experimenting elsewhere.


The company is releasing a phone called the Galaxy Folder (pictured above) in Korea later this year, a flip phone that has all the capabilities of a smartphone, but the old-style keypad and folding capabilities.

That's only a scrape of what could be on the horizon, though. Keep reading to learn more.

As reported by Business Insider, Samsung has filed patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that contain images of a possible touchscreen smartphone that folds in on itself. There have definitely been phones with screens that curve and bend slightly before — some produced by Samsung even — but this is a new level entirely.

The early concept shows a phone totally folded.

When opened, it reveals a full touchscreen.

The screen would have to be some sort of extremely elastic material.

Because it looks like the phone can even bend backwards.

Of course, not all crazy concepts and patents turn into real products, but whatever version of all of us that existed in 2005 is probably pulling pretty hard for this one.

Cover image: Bill Selak via Flickr


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