Hilarious Instagram Account Makes Poems Out Of Your Millennial Woes

"The fear of missing out is a real concern of mine. I fear if I go out tonight, I'll miss out on bed at 9."

If you're a millennial who feels overwhelmed, underpaid and little to no desire to get out of bed on Friday nights, then you'll be happy to learn you're not the only one having a quarter life crisis. 

Illustrator Samantha Jayne knows exactly how you feel and she's channeling those emotions into hilarious poems paired with adorable doodles. Her series "Quarter Life Poetry" is so on point, it's hard to get past a single one without thinking "that's me" and "same." 

Adulthood is often not what you dreamed it'd be growing up, but at least we're not the only ones feeling that way. 


Here's some of the issues she addresses:

1. On canceling plans

2. On everyone being more successful than you

3. On material for your memoir

4. On finding the good

5. On faking it

6. On semantics

7. On the perks of being single

8. On hating everyone

9. On the question we're all wondering

10. On laundry

11. On realistic expectations

12. On brunch

13. On mail

14. On self-confidence

15. On FOMO

16. On Friday nights

17. On delivery

(H/T: Popsugar)

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