Watch Samantha Bee Give Syrian Refugees Invaluable Advice On Living In America

It's a strange new world.

The Syrian War has raged on since 2011, displacing millions of innocent Syrian civilians. As a country, the United States has been comparatively less accommodating than other prosperous nations, pledging to take in less than a quarter of a percent of 4.6 million refugees that have fled the country in the past five years. Unsurprisingly, much of the resistance to taking them in stems out of an extreme fear of ISIS, even though it's the Syrian civilians who are most at risk and thus in need of sanctuary.

As she did for 12 years on The Daily Show, Samantha Bee has continued to capitalize on absurd governmental policies in her new show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Her stance with respect to Syrian refugees is no different.

In a segment on her show last night, Bee laid out the data flatly: we've pledged to take 10,000 displaced Syrians, but so far only a little over 2,000 have actually settled here. In the simultaneously hilarious and skewering style only Jon Stewart and his disciples are capable of, Bee then aired a meeting with some of the Syrians that have settled here to help them adjust to America's "historic embrace of new immigrants." That embrace pretty much boils down to "get a job and learn English."

In order to better educate the refugees, Bee decided in the video to take over a class that's supposed to teach them about American culture. Jokes about sweatpants, gluten, and Netflix ensued.


Watch and laugh for yourself:


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