Halloween Came Early For Sam Smith When Ellen Scared Him Twice In One Interview

"My heart! I'm not singing again."

We all know how much Ellen DeGeneres loves to scare people, and with Halloween just around the corner, no celebrity guest is safe. Singer Sam Smith had a feeling the host might do something to spook him, but he never expected her to scare him twice in one interview.

Fittingly, the scares happened while Smith was talking about how he thinks his house is haunted. "My house is like 300 years old. It used to be a school. And I just hear crazy, crazy stuff," he said, adding that has "a good relationship with the ghost."


Smith explained that if he tells the ghost to leave him alone while he's sleeping, it will listen to him. The ghosts that haunt Ellen's studio, however, are not so polite. The first one sneaked up behind Smith while he was talking, wearing a classic white bed sheet. Once he recovered, Smith said he would have expected it to pop out of the table next to the chair, so you can probably predict what happened next.

Smith threw out a couple of words worthy of a "bleep," before jokingly exclaiming, "My heart! I'm not singing again."

The host hadn't had enough fun, so she replayed Smith's reactions to the scares before they went to commercial. We suggest he take a few tips from perennial scare victim Eric Stonestreet, who recently figured out the perfect revenge. In the meantime, he can be thankful Ellen didn't scare him three times, like she did to Sarah Paulson.

Watch both silly scares in the video below:


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