The Last Thing These Brides Expected Was Sam Smith Crashing Their Reception

He sang a gorgeous version of "Latch."

When Lisa Best and Bec Baran tied the knot, they expected to embark on a life together full of happiness and love. But what these two women didn't expect was that they were also about to be front row at a Sam Smith concert that just so happened to be their reception. 


Rev. Dr. Simon Woodman, the man marrying Lisa and Bec, said it was his first same-sex wedding he had the privilege of officiating and the third for Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church — though all three previous ones were for male same-sex couples. While Smith waited in hiding, the couple said "I do," exchanged vows, and were married.

"Marriages look different for different people," Woodman said during the service. "Some marriages have husbands and some don't, some have wives and some don't, but what all marriages have in common is that they make love central."

At the reception, after the women shared their first dance, it was announced that Katie, one of the brides' niece, had arranged for Smith to sing for the couple. He came out — after barely containing his nerves in anticipation — and sang a slow version of "Latch," the 2012 hit by Disclosure that first catapulted Smith to fame.

"When he walked through the door I just thought, 'Wow, that is actually Sam Smith. This does not happen to us.' It was just another level," Best gushed.

"Just being a part of someone's day like that means the world to me and they're so in love, it's just incredible. They're so in love and it's so beautiful," Smith told the cameras. During a speech to the couple of honor and their guests, the "Too Good at Goodbyes" singer said: "I just want to say a huge congratulations. I saw the ceremony in London and it moves my heart so much to see you guys do this today. And I truly hope you have a wonderful, wonderful life together. Thank you for having me here."

"The day has been absolutely brilliant and then to have Sam Smith come and sing to us, well it was just like the icing on the cake," Best added.

Watch Smith surprise the lovely brides on their wedding day here:


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