You Already Love The Mark This Man Left On The World

An incredible legacy.

Sam Simon was a co-creator of the longest-running sitcom on television, "The Simpsons" and is known for his groundbreaking approach to animation and storytelling.

In his 59 years, Simon made so many contributions to the world. His obituary in The New York Times put it best: "Mr. Simon helped populate Springfield."

In fact, Simon designed and drew the character of Mr. Burns, one of the most popular characters in the history of the show.


Simon had an innovative method to hiring his writing team and tended to stay away from the archetypal "comedy writer," instead favoring writers with a unique experience and outlook. 

In an interview with Jeff Berman, Simon described his experience as the showrunner for the first season of the hit series, "Taxi."

"There was no one in the room that ever wanted to be a comedy writer. There were English teachers and lawyers and accountants," he said. "I think that originality and your own comic sensibility is helped by not wanting to be hired on some sitcom."

Simon was extremely philanthropic and spent a great deal of time working with PETA. In fact, PETA's headquarters was even renamed The Sam Simon Center.

In 2014, Simon was honored with the Writers Guild of America, West Valentine Davies award. Having spent the previous year battling terminal colon cancer, his acceptance speech was particularly moving.

Sam Simon accomplished so much in his lifetime, but the way he continues to inspire the people who knew him, or followed his work, will keep his memory alive forever.

A tweet from Al Jean, showrunner of "The Simpsons"

And here's a great interview about his extremely generous donations to some of his favorite causes:


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