TV Host Stands Up To Sexist Fan With The Most Brilliant Response Ever

Classy response.

Sam Ponder is an anchor and reporter for ESPN's College Gameday. In addition to being a leading expert in ESPN's weekly college football coverage, she is an inspiration to young girls by juggling motherhood and her career as a sportscaster.

During last Saturday's College Gameday broadcast, a Utah fan apparently felt threatened that a woman could be a football analyst. He decided to take a sexist shot at Ponder in the form of an insulting sign.


Here is the sexist sign:

Ponder soon noticed the sexist sign that the fan held during the show. Apparently, this sexist fan failed to remember that Ponder is no stranger to speaking her mind when college football fans do crazy things.

Ponder responded with this brilliant tweet:

Many fans on Twitter praised Ponder for her excellent response:

(H/T: College Spun)


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