Video Imagines Media Objectifying Middle-Aged Men Instead Of Young Women

Which side do you like better?

Remember this?


Back in January, we featured a powerful campaign by ad agency Badger & Winters titled #Women Not Objects.

The campaign was dedicated to announcing the agency's commitment to never objectify women in their work. Along with a strong social media presence, Badger & Winters launched a two-minute video that perfectly illustrates what inspired such a radical decision.

"In the video, models offer mocking commentary over a collection of ads that portray scantily clad women in sexually suggestive poses, all in the name of selling food, fashion and alcoholic beverages," the agency explained.

Their video amassed almost two million views on YouTube alone and has inspired some heated debate over sexual objectification in the advertising and marketing industries.

To keep the conversation going, Women Not Objects has been sharing inspiring content from other people as well...

...Such as this video that imagines media objectifying middle-aged men instead of young women:

It's clear that this production is just a tongue-in-cheek way to poke fun at common stereotypes and doesn't really tap into all the complex problems of male and female objectification.

But even so, it does a good job outlining the absurdity, shallowness, and lack of diversity in the fashion, advertising, and media industries — something we all should start caring about sooner rather than later.


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