This Actress Took A Photo Holding Her Bra To Make One Point Crystal Clear

"Our body. Our desires."

Saloni Chopra, an actress on MTV India, exposed a sexist double standard in an Instagram post where she proudly held her bra in her hand.

"Men flaunt their chests, while girls won't even hold a bra in their hand publicly," she wrote on Instagram.

The 25-year-old star of Girls On Top wrote about her experiences with "narrow-minded" people who believe that the only purpose for women wearing a bra is "just for them to see." She also called out people who still shame girls and women for showing their bra straps in public.

Typically, school dress codes ban girls from showing their bra straps. These backwards policies teach girls that their bodies are inherently sexual and unsafe. The resulting culture is an unhealthy one. Girls are often punished by being pulled out of class or being sent home to change, cutting into crucial classroom time. The practice suggests that boys' right to learn alongside classmates with tucked-away bra straps far outweighs girls' right to have an education at all.

And Chopra's post makes clear that sexist attitudes towards women's bodies don't stop once they receive their diplomas. If anything

"I honestly don't see what the problem with lingerie is? I wear it," she wrote on Instagram. "Am I suppose to act like I'm NOT wearing it by hiding it completely? It's a piece of clothing that covers my breasts. Just like a skirt covers my legs. Or sleeves cover my shoulders. What's the big damn deal? [Breasts are just] a part of the body."


In four days, Chopra's post received over 9,000 likes.

(H/T: Storypick)


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