When He Questioned Her, Sally Yates Reminded This Senator Of His Own Words

"That's what I promised you I would do. And that's what I did."

The internet is applauding Sally Yates for holding her ground against Republican Sen. John Cornyn when he questioned her decision on President Trump's travel ban.

Former acting Attorney General Yates was fired by Trump in January for refusing to defend his executive order banning citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations from traveling to the United States. While testifying in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Monday, Yates' decision was put under question by Sen. Cornyn.

Cornyn called it "enormously disappointing" that Yates would go against the executive order because she "happened to disagree with it." So Yates reminded Cornyn of his very own words at her confirmation hearing in 2015.

Yates told Cornyn (per ATTN:), "I remember in my confirmation hearing, in an exchange that I had with you ... you specifically asked me if the president asked me to do something I felt was unlawful or unconstitutional ... would I say no? And I looked at this, and I believed it was unlawful and inconsistent with the principles of the Department of Justice. And I said 'no,' and that's what I promised you I would do. And that's what I did."

When Cornyn then seemed to mishear or misrepresent Yates, saying she called the ban lawful, she was quick to correct him: "Senator, I did not say it was lawful. I said it was unlawful."

Yates' strong defense of her decision, to Cornyn and others (including Sen. Ted Cruz), was praised by many on Twitter, who compared her to everyone from the Fearless Girl statue to Wonder Woman:

Meanwhile, both Trump's original travel ban, as well as the revised version, have been blocked by federal courts, which deemed them unconstitutional.


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