19 Illustrations That Show What Women Do When There's No One Around To Judge

Some of these are NSFW.

Women are complicated creatures who do very ordinary things. We're so often presented with images of women dressed to the nines, putting their best look forward for the public. On social media, beautiful women do glamorous things and their followers can't get enough. But, if you catch a glimpse at their lives when they think there's no one around to judge to them, we think you'd find them even more beautiful. 

Illustrator Sally Nixon draws women during these realistic, everyday situations who are just being themselves. When there's no one to gawk, criticize, or hit on them, women are free to be nothing but comfortable in their own skin. 

"As a woman, I feel like I'm expected to look and act a certain way to the outside world. I'm supposed to be thin and polite and ladylike. Every woman feels that way to some extent. But I just think that image is so boring and potentially harmful," Nixon told Bustle. "I'd rather my work be truthful and relatable to real women than for it to contribute to society's ideal image of what a woman should be."

Her work is so relatable, we're fairly certain you'll see one of her illustrations and think, "That's me!" 


You can check some of them out below:

(H/T: Bustle


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