They Had Guns Pointed At Each Other But Then A Miracle Happened

Goodness is contagious.

While it might be too early for jingle-belling and gift wrapping, it sure isn't too soon to remember what Christmas is all about.

This video takes us back to the First World War and straight to the trenches of German and English soldiers. With guns pointed at each other, these men sit quietly in their shelters, waiting for another day to dawn.

Then, a miracle happens.


U.K. supermarket chain Sainsbury's created this remarkable Christmas ad together with the Royal British Legion. It reflects the famous 1914 Christmas truce between British and German soldiers.

The goal was to make the story as authentic as possible, Sainsbury claims. They based it on original reports and letters, and worked closely with historians throughout the process, Adweek reports.

"Christmas is a special time of year when people come together to share simple moments and kindnesses. We wanted to reflect that theme of sharing in our Christmas campaign through the lens of one of the most extraordinary moments of sharing in modern history," says Mark Given, head of brand communications at Sainsbury's.

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