SAG-AFTRA Just Took A Big Step Forward In Hollywood’s Fight Against Sexual Harassment


In somewhat of a culmination of the monumental #MeToo movement and the subsequent creation of Time's Up, SAG-AFTRA has released a "Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment" on behalf of its 160,000 members. Announced this past weekend, the code is meant to help eradicate a problem that, as evidenced by the past half year or so, has plagued Hollywood for far too long.


To shift the power structure in the industry and to provide a safe work environment for all, the union, a merger of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, has put forth something called the "Four Pillars of Change" to accomplish stopping harassment — as well as hostile work environments, retaliation, and other prohibited actions it defines — in its tracks. It does this by including rules and guidelines, empowerment through education, expanded intervention efforts, and building bridges and safety nets.

"This initiative gives members a clear understanding of their workplace rights and provides reliable guidance for members to navigate the unique environments of entertainment, music, and media industries," Gabrielle Carteris, SAG-AFTRA president, explained, via Variety.

Both Carteris and David White, the union's national executive director, announced that the guild was working on this back in January 2018 — and it is long overdue. The two revealed that the organization has seen an average of five sexual harassment cases reported daily as of late. This, as you can imagine, is way up from prior to when the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke back in October 2017.

The slogan for the code — which you can read in full here — is pretty simple: "STOP. SUPPORT. REPORT." The goal? "To end the pervasive culture of inaction and silence, we must not look the other way. We must intervene to STOP the conduct when we see it, SUPPORT those who speak up, and REPORT the conduct," it reads.

"Our comprehensive approach ensures that we stay focused on providing members with clear information, making training available that is relevant and practical, and working with industry partners to expand our tools to intervene and support victims of workplace harassment and assault," White added. "We are very excited to engage in this effort."

Cover image via Alex Millauer / Shutterstock


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