What The Mayor Of London Would Do If He Could Take Trump Anywhere

"I'd take him to the most diverse parts of London."

London mayor Sadiq Khan gave a surprising answer when asked what activities he would do in the city with President Trump if given the chance. 

"If Mayor Sadiq Khan could take President Donald Trump anywhere in his city to see London's best, where would it be?" a reporter from Time Out asked him in a video interview. 

The question was posed ahead of President Trump's visit to Europe for the NATO Summit. 

Khan, the city's first Muslim mayor has been outspoken about his views of the American President. At the beginning of the year, he supported residents of London protesting against President Trump's potential visit —  a trip he later canceled. 

Khan, 47, said in a tweet: "Many Londoners have made it clear that Donald Trump is not welcome here while he is pursuing such a divisive agenda. It seems he's finally got that message." 


Despite that history, when asked how he would spend a day with Trump, Khan took the high road. Khan said President Trump could learn about London by meeting with the diverse people that make the city great. 

So where exactly would Khan take President Trump? 

"I'd take him to the most diverse parts of London," Khan told Time Out in the interview. "I'd take him to parts of London where you can be who you are — be not just tolerated, but respected, celebrated, and embraced."

Khan continued: "I'd want him to meet some of our wonderful LGBT community in London. I'd want him to meet women in positions of power and influence who isn't fetishized and treated poorly. I'd want him to meet people who are Muslims but who are proud Londoners; people who have been successful in London but not embarrassed to be Muslim as well. I'd want him to meet the very best of our city."

Khan said he hoped that the hypothetical day out would help to widen the president's worldview.

"I'd want him to see the best of London, and hopefully that would lead to him changing some of his views," the mayor concluded.

Watch Khan's interview below. 

Cover images via  Christopher Halloran and Ms Jane Campbell / Shutterstock.com

(H/T: Upworthy)


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