Try To Guess Who Will Win This Crawling Race And Enjoy The Surprise

Thank you, babies of Sacramento.

Of all the places to find the race of the century, would you ever guess the halftime show of the Sacramento Kings?

When it comes to an entertaining race, be it track and field, NASCAR, horse racing, or just a good old-fashioned race on the gravel, the key components are as follows:

— an underdog

— unpredictability

— amazing finish

— sportsmanship

— proper celebration

Well, this week, a group of babies participated in a crawling half-court race in Sacramento, California, and their leisurely sprint featured all of the above. How could a group of Olympians ever match their sportsmanship? They aren't hurt when they lose but they're still happy when they win.


Behold: the no. 12 baby comes out on fire.

But what could be more unpredictable than a group of babies making decisions on their own?  You thought John Landy stopping to help a fallen runner and then winning the race was impressive in 1956?

How about a baby stopping to inspect an opponent's hair?

Of course, every race has to have a little intensity, a little push and shove, a little competitive fire.

Gimme that hair!

If you ask "Neon" Deion Sanders, he'd probably tell you that a little bit of flare is always important for performing at your highest level. And what has more flare than one of the NFL's greatest and most stylish defensive players ever? 

How about a purple jumpsuit and a flower in the hair:

But, as in any good race, a good finish is required. Not only does this race have a come-from-behind sprint, a small margin of victory and screaming spectators, it has some athletes enjoying the scenery.

Particularly our early favorite, the no. 12 baby:

Now in NASCAR they may celebrate with backflips, but around here there is only one proper way to enjoy such a monumental win. 

A ride with dad:

Check out the adorable race in full below:


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