Sacha Baron Cohen's New Movie Is So Explicit That 'Kimmel' Could Only Show Viewers' Hilarious Reactions

The "Borat" star strikes again.

Sacha Baron Cohen's apparent mission to troll the entire world took a weirdly hilarious turn on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night when he appeared on the show to promote his new movie, The Brothers Grimsby.

The clip was deemed so explicit by the show's producers that Kimmel was forced to explain to his guest that he could show the clip to the studio audience, but then only allow the television audience to "watch the studio audience watch the clip."

The stunned director, creator, and star of The Ali G Show, Borat, and Brüno seemed taken aback, but agreed, setting up the scene as Kimmel leaves to take a seat in the audience. 

What happened next may be the greatest promotion for a movie ever seen on television. Orchestrated or not, it's genius.

Scroll to the end to see the video in its entirety.


It starts innocently enough as Cohen sets up the scene and the clip begins.

The first gag elicits shocked laughter ...

... before the audience starts literally coming out of their seats ...

... with NOBODY left unaffected ...

... except a very amused Sacha Baron Cohen, who definitely accomplished his mission.

Watch the full clip here:

Are you as curious as we are?

You can see clips from The Brothers Grimsby on Instagram, as well as a VERY raunchy, NSFW trailer on YouTube.

The Brothers Grimsby opens on March 11.


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