After 3 Years Of Selling Lemonade, This 7-Year-Old Got To Meet The Pony He Was Saving Up For

"It's awesome."

When you're saving up for something special, is it always very satisfying when you finally get your hands on that coveted item. It doesn't matter whether it is a book or an apartment. Seven-year-old Sabastian Lucas learned this lesson at a very young age.

According to ABC Brisbane, the boy from  Scarborough, Australia sold lemonade at 20 cents a cup so he could save up to buy a pony. His stand became such a hit with customers that he even started selling out.


After three years running his lemonade stand, Sabastian's parents surprised him with his pony.

Sabastian's mom, Juliana Kent, captured the moment Sabastian and his 4-year-old younger brother Canterbury, met the gorgeous white pony for the first time. She posted the video on Facebook to show the pure joy the boys experienced when they met their new friend.

An emotional Sabastian breaks down at the sight of seeing the animal in its pen. When his mom asks what he thinks of Tom the 13-year-old schoolmaster pony, Sabastian replies, "It's awesome."

According to ABC Brisbane, the horse cost nearly $3,000, and since getting him, the family has moved to a home with more acreage so that Sebastian can easily ride Tom, and train at the Cedar Lake Equestrian Centre near the Gold Coast.

"I'm still learning, but I can trot and walk as they're easy but cantering is hard," Sabastian told the publication, adding that he plans to keep selling lemonade so that he can buy a saddle and health care for the horse. 

It's never too early to learn that when you work towards a goal, you can achieve it. Sabastian learned the value of a hard-earned dollar through his lemonade stand, and now he has his new friend Tom to show for it.

(H/T: Mashable)


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