Ryan Reynolds Loves Being Deadpool, But There’s Another Role He Considers The ‘Best Gig’

“And I’m happy about it.”

For Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool is the role of a lifetime. That said, there's another part he is more than thrilled to be playing every single day: husband to wife and fellow actor Blake Lively.


The legendary cast of Book Club — Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen — recently poked fun about the rivalry between their film (which Lively stars in as well) and Deadpool 2, which both open this weekend. In it, Keaton jokingly referred to the Marvel star "Mr. Lively." So, what does Reynolds think about this loving jab?

"Oh, I'm Mr. Lively 24/7," Reynolds told Entertainment Tonight at the New York City premiere of Deadpool 2, where he walked alongside Lively. "And I'm happy about it. It's great. [It's the] best gig."

Photo Credit: Reuters

Should Lively ever play a superhero on the big screen, Reynolds said he'd show up to the red carpet to support like Lively did by wearing a red-and-black outfit to pay tribute to the foul-mouthed Marvel character. Reynolds, for one, thinks Lively "rocked" the look. Let's hope that happens, as the cinematic craving for female superheroes is higher than ever.

Not only is this an adorable moment, it also challenges something that is considered a gender norm in our society. Wives taking their husband's last name is a widespread tradition, and it's rare for husbands to take their wife's last name. Both Reynolds and Lively kept their last name, given the star power behind them, but this little play on words definitely flips the script.

This Hollywood duo never ceases to inspire our #CoupleGoals and keep us in stitches at the same time. And, while Lively was honoring Reynolds here in a big way, he has also done the same in the past.


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