Ryan Reynolds Uses His 'Deadpool' Role To Tell Young Men About Testicular Cancer

“It’s time to fight back.”

On Thursday, before the February 2015 release of the upcoming superhero movie Deadpool, the film's star released an important YouTube video in partnership with U.K. charity Ballboys.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the title character, was dressed in his superhero costume while sitting on the edge of a pool table, billiards balls in hand.

In the video, Reynolds tells the young men who are watching to "start paying attention" to something that "could be trying to kill you."

He is referring to testicular cancer.

"Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged between 15 and 35," Reynolds said in the video.


“It’s time to fight back.”

Reynolds is absolutely correct about the dangers of testicular cancer in young men. The average age of diagnosis for testicular cancer is 33 and one in 5,000 men will die from it.

His colorfully delivered advice for young men is to conduct monthly self-exams after a bath or shower with their fingers. He also suggests checking the spermatic cord and epididymis. Reynolds said that you should speak to a doctor if you notice a lump or any irregularity.

The character of Deadpool is the perfect superhero to promote this important cause to young men because he is one of the few cancer survivors featured in comic books.

Cover image via Shutterstock.


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