Ryan Reynolds Made A Powerful Dedication During His Critics' Choice Awards Speech

"Some of the people that this character resonated with were sick kids."

We know Ryan Reynolds can make us laugh, but during Sunday night's Critics' Choice Awards, he gave an emotional acceptance speech that had us feeling some much more serious emotions — and then he made us laugh again.

Reynolds was at the ceremony to accept Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year award. During his speech, he thanked the people who helped him finally make Deadpool after 11 years. He also made sure to mention the film's fans. "It resonated with a lot of people," he said. "The character had cancer, and some of the people that this character resonated with were sick kids."

He went on to dedicate his award to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the SickKids Foundation of Toronto, as well as to two young fans he met through these charities — Connor McGrath and Grace Bowen, both of whom sadly passed away of cancer. "They didn't lose the battle, but they started a fight, and it's up to us to finish it," Reynolds said.

Reynolds, who also picked up the Best Comedy Actor Award, ended his touching speech on a humorous note, saying that "children all over the world needed a sex-positive superhero running around in a big red body condom in the midst of a highly militarized shame spiral." He also thanked his wife Blake Lively, "and for no reason at all, I suppose, my children."


Watch Ryan Reynolds' full acceptance speech in the video below:

(H/T: People)


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