For This Famous Actor, The Struggle Of Building An IKEA Crib Is Real And It Is Deep

"If I could have a representative or 5 come by and make this happen for me..."

Ryan Reynolds has made a career being a badass on the silver screen, but at home, he's a husband and new dad, with all the responsibilities that come with it.

As part of those fatherly duties, Reynolds attempts to assemble a Hensvik crib from IKEA. Sounds simple enough, right? Maybe not. 

In a new video for GQ, Reynolds proves that good looks and buckets of acting talent don't make you immune from the utter insanity that is the IKEA assembly manual.


Though he starts out with great attitude, he slowly has the realization that all of us have while trying to make sense of their instructions: "IKEA... Swedish for 'f*ck you.'"

When confronted with a confusing pile of parts and hardware, he does the smart thing and calls customer support for a bit of help.

"Besides a slow descent into alcoholism," he tells the operator, "I'm just really having trouble finding all the screws and the pieces that go with it. I mean, there's gotta be over 100,000 pieces that came with it. I'm just wondering if a representative or 5 could come by and make this happen for me."

In the end, he finishes the crib the way we all would: with several beers, lots of profanity, and a little bit of creative engineering.

Check out the hilarious misadventure of the crib assembly below.

Don't worry, Ryan. We've so been there.

[H/T: The Scene]


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